Sunday, February 1, 2009

Antiques and Collectibles

Mother collected blue onion. I will put a slide show on here at a later date of her kitchen/blue onion photos. Right now, I will place these two polyvore sets that I made "homage to blue onion."
Homage to Blue Onion
Homage to Blue Onion - by carolrobertsonwhite on

Blue Onion Fashion
Blue Onion Fashion - by carolrobertsonwhite on

Found this vintage kitchen that looks a lot like mother's. I made this set dedicated to mother's blue onion kitchen....

Blue Castle Tea Party - This set is not blue onion but very much reminds me of the glorious china.

Get Well Soon. This little boy figurine was drinking out of a blue onion cup. He made me think that he is drinking chicken broth to get over a very bad cold. I decided to make a set dedicated to him and blue onion--as my mother once collected this beautiful china. I added to my set this fetching little 19th century medicine spoon with a blue onion design. The handle is anchored with two leaves allowing the spoon to stand on a flat surface. These spoons were used to feed the sick and weary in olden days!

Grandmother's Kitchen - Not really my grandmother's kitchen but couldn't resist this set with the vintage blues.

I did not make this set, but the many blues inspired me to add to my blue onion collection.
Blue - by Umico (polyvore pal)

Another set made by my Polyvore friend, Simply Saralee. The blues in this set should definitely go in my Antiques and Collectibles set.

Cranberry - Mother had a cranberry room as well as her dining room in which many a family function was held. The cranberry was hardly ever used and usually closed off to protect the family cherish heat but on special occasions, holidays, and Christmas the room was cleaned and decorated. The room was wallpapered with damask red wallpaper. One Easter the "kids" table was set up in this room. Kids, being unsupervised, threw green beans on the ceiling. Some of them even received spankings--you will know who you are....

Mother's Cranberry Room
Mother's Cranberry Room - by carolrobertsonwhite on

The dining room was used much more than the cranberry room. The table was always exquisitely decorated with mother's china; one set for Easter and another for Christmas. [See holiday section for more memories on holidays.] The dining room had a wallpaper pattern that contained cranberry birds, grapes, and fruit. I've attempted to locate this paper among vintage wallpaper sites with no success. It was beautiful! Below is a polyvore site that I made that contained a platter of mother's china.

Cranberry Valentine
Cranberry Valentine - by carolrobertsonwhite on

Cricket Antiques - Barbie's Antique Shop in Bowman Georgia

The Crazy Cricket - Black and White and Red All Over

This set is decicated to my brother Donnie. He once owned sulky race horses. If you will note in the Country Gentleman set that the game on the far left is an antique horse racing game....

This set is dedicated to my niece, Barbie. We loaded her PT Cruiser "to the brim" with treasures from my home. She plans to keep some and sell most in her Crazy Cricket antique store.

I have always liked lighthouses and once had a collection of them. In 1715 the first lighthouse in America was authorized for construction at Little Brewster Island, Massachusetts. This set is dedicated to that history.

Treasured Keepsakes

The Music Room

Vintage Collections. I come from a family of collectors...and, thus, I'm a collector, too! We have our home for sale, attempting to downsize, and I have passed some of my treasures down to other family members. Some I do not mind to see go...but others, I know I will surely miss them.....

Antiques and Food

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