Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tea for Two or Java for Me!!!!

These sets are all related to our favorite tea and coffee beverages!!!

Maw Maw Loves Coffee

My dearest, me...and a cup of tea!

Lavendar Tea for Wingweaver. Wingweaver is also a Polyvore friend that shares many of my same memories and life experiences. I have dedicated this set to her. She was thrilled and responded as follows, "Oh - gasp......for me? I adore this, and I'm coming right over! This is just fabulous and the people in the waiting room ( yes, I'm at work) are thinking I'm just a little touched in the head right now since I've such a huge smile on my face. Let me say that your sets make it very easy for the comments and stories to appear. I love that your sets are so personal and they always remind me of such happy times! Thank you so very much ~ keri"

Love is in the Air and so is the Smell of Coffee!

Terrific Teal

These sets were not done by me but designed by my Polyvore friends! They are my favorites!

Hot Chocolate by Lady Ren

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