Saturday, April 25, 2009

St. George Island and the Beach

I love St. George Island, and especially the beach. Walter, my sweet husband, took me to St. George Island on our honeymoon in 1980. However, also attending our honeymoon were the rest of the Whites...along with a few friends. There's nothing like honeymooning with your inlaws, complete with the fire-extinguisher that they shot under the door of our bedroom covering us completely with its contents....Every chance we get, and sometimes twice per year, we try to make it back to St. George. We tried other beaches, Cape San Blas and Destin, but they just don't compare....

I am dedicating the following beach sets for my love of the beach.

St. George Island
St. George 1982
St. George 1982 - by carolrobertsonwhite on

The following set was done in remembrance of the song, On the Shores of the Riveria. Kimi, my niece and fan of my polyvore art, had the following to say about this set. "How did you get that picture of me on the beach? Great layout! Kimi."

I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In....I love this vintage lady obviously looking at the ships at sea.

I found this cute little guy in the funny suit and couldn't resist a set LOL!

The following dress reminded me of sand on the beach. So I made this set entitled:
Sand Princess of Sunset Beach

Gone to the Beach - Do to the economic turn of events, we probably will not be going to the beach this year, and boy do I miss it. I made this set, "Gone to the Beach" to dream that I was there...

My love for vintage and the finding of this cute little photo on the internet, led me to this set entitled, "Naughty'cal Nephews."

This cute little girl, "Called Sail Away" was dedicated to my Polyvore friend and constant inspiration, Simply Saralee. She made a set very similar in black and white and this set, in red, somewhat mirrors her brillance.

Tropical Summer

Sailing Away


Colorful Beach.

St. George Island - My daughter, Katherine, took this photo at St. George Island with her cell phone.

Surf City -


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