Sunday, January 10, 2010

Barbie Dolls are the Best

As a girl, I loved Barbie Dolls. My niece, appropriately named Barbie, and I would sit for hours and play out weddings, shopping excursions and soap opera fantasies using the Barbies.

The above scrapbook work of art page was created by my other niece, and dear friend, Kimi, dedicated to our real-life Barbie doll.

52 years old, and I still love Barbie!

My Very First Barbie Dress - I still had this dress in my collection. I gave it, along with all my old Barbies, cases, and house, to my grand-niece, Julianna.

Grease is the Word'

Coca Cola Barbie - I love making Coke Polyvore sets. Be sure to see the section of this Blog dedicated to my Coke sets.

Business Barbie - As an Office Manager with 35+ years of office experience, I love this Business Barbie.

Purple Professional Barbie

Thoroughly Modern Barbie

Formal Barbie - Dressed in Peach, Barbie is so lovely!

Equestrian Barbie - Ready for a Ride

Joker Barbie

Wildcat Barbie - Dedicated to my sister, Judy, who loves leopard print.

Jackie Kennedy Barbie - Pretty in Green

Jackie in Peach

Beautiful Marilyn Monroe - Still voted the most beautiful woman!

Titanic Barbie - Sweet Rose all Dressed up for Dinner

Poison Ivy

Here comes the Bride

White Fur & Pink - As Good as it gets!

Hawaiian Barbie

Big Orange - Love the Tangerine Barbie

Miss Congeniality - This Barbie all dressed up reminded me of the movie with Sandra Bullock.

Barbie Doll Picnic

Sexy Dolly - If you will look close, you will see my sister, Betty in this set.

Pink Formal Barbie

Ferrari Barbie - What a great car!

Marie Antionette, I could lose my head if I had this Barbie Doll....

Vintage Party - What a Beautiful Gown

Season Greetings - Barbie is dressed in Green for the Holidays

Broadway Barbie - All Ready for a New York Shopping Excursion

Cabaret Barbie - Let's Dance

I love Lucy & Barbie, too!

Pink & Black - Love the Poodle

Barbie Browns - Touch of Mink

Ann Klein Barbie

Calvin Klein Barbie - So in Style

Bowling Barbie

Vintage Football

Class of '76 - I attended John Glenn High School in Westland, Michigan.

Barbie's Dinner Party

Lady Grey

Gone with the Wind Barbies - I have several in my collection.

Melanie Hamilton - I do not have this Barbie in my collection; wish I did!

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